A NEW YEAR, A NEW YOU: From Intention to Transformation

Happy New Year!  Astrologically speaking, 2011 is being called the year of Magnificent Manifestation.  Creation.  Fruition.

This is the year where all that we’ve dreamed about for years but never seen fully develop, finally has the space to transform into reality.  It’s a time when we shift from Seeking to Manifesting. In areas where many of us may have initially felt stuck or stagnant, we will finally feel movement. This is the year when we will really start living our lives in ways we never had the courage before.  And I don’t know about you, but I can so gratefully say, it is time.

There are so many exciting things in store, it’s important that we are prepared for the shifts and stay open and allowing to receive its gifts.

As the New Year began, I’m sure many of you, like myself, set your intentions, or a list of resolutions on how this year will be better than 2010; and how you intend to change.  But as we settle back into our regular schedules, we tend to fall back into old habits as well.   And our resolutions become nothing more than Good Intentions that collect dust on the floor.

Every year, we say we’re gonna be gentler on ourselves.  We’re gonna be kinder.  Work harder.  Be more motivated.  More productive.  We’re gonna make more time to play.  We have a list full of year long “shoulds” that are so heavily weighing us down, that we are actually creating more stress on ourselves.  Let’s all stop “Shoulding” on ourselves.

This year, let’s just allow ourselves to BE.  Be who we are and be present to each and every moment.  And in that space of acceptance, transformation happens. Instead of trying to force things to happen, let’s allow things to unfold.  Giving up control is actually quite empowering.  And then we can actually move forward according to our greatest good.  Really breathe that in.  And say aloud to yourself, “I love and accept myself fully and completely for who I am, here and now.”

Our minds and hearts are incredibly powerful.  What we focus on, and believe, we do create.  In the wise words of Napolean Hill, “What the human mind can believe, the human mind can achieve.”  And focusing on shoulds and fears, will only create more of the same.

So this year above any other, it’s important to really be clear on what it is you want in your life on a grander, deeper scale, and focus on that.  This goes beyond material wishes but true desires from within.  It’s a chance to quiet the mind and really listen to the longing in your Heart.  It can be very humbling to listen to your Inner Voice, because you will see that inside of you is someone very wise and absolutely divine.  And it’s time to allow that part of you to blossom into its full potential.

What does your Heart long for?

Self-Love? A better relationship?  A more fulfilling job?  More intimacy?  Self-Trust?  Peace of Mind?  More Energy?  Faith in the unfolding of your Path?  Acceptance of Self and Compassion for Others?  Courage to take the small steps needed to live your dreams?

And how do you make it happen? Instead of listing big impossible tasks for all of 2011 and therefore filling yourself with anxiety about completing them, break it down into little actions.  Take it one step at a time.

Every morning when you wake, start by setting your intention for that day. I set mine every morning while I’m in the shower. The vibration of intent immediately puts me back in alignment with that which I hope for, thereby energizing it into reality.

But then you ask, how do you actually change?  What’s the space between setting the intention, and moving forward? Most of us forget it takes action and commitment to ourselves in conscious loving ways.

So what holds us back from taking the action?  Fear and old programming.  We all have a voice inside us from time to time that feels safer just where we are, because it’s familiar.  Like an old sweater, stained, discolored, stretched out and worn, we may love it’s familiar-ness, but if you had the choice between the old ratty sweater and a new one which was clean, bright and fit just right, which would you choose?  “Life could be worse”, we say.  But what if it could be so much better?  Remember that feeling of the new sweater next time you doubt embracing a new way of being.  And say this aloud to yourself, “I chose to move forward with joy, courage, grace and ease.”

In order to create new habits, one must be willing to change. We need to be fully ready, willing, able and committed to release the old, and allow the new to enter our lives. True transformation comes from within and in order to make these shifts inside, there are three essential and easy to remember keys; I call them the “Triple A’s to Transformation”:

AWARENESS – First, it takes becoming Aware of your part in any situation or belief system.  Awareness of where it began, the root cause, and accountability for the part you have played.  Awareness of the gift it has brought you and how it has served your greater good.

ACCEPTANCE – Next, you need to Accept yourself for this situation, and the part you have played in it. Accepting yourself for who you are, in that moment, regardless of any flaws, or mistakes.  And it’s about Accepting the other person for who they are and their role as well.  They may have been a great teacher or catalyst for your Transformation to occur.

ALLOWING – Finally, you need to Allow yourself to change; to let go and release the past.  Allow yourself to heal, grow and move forward.  Once you Allow yourself to transform, the real shifts occur.  You make the space to shift into a new way of being.  It’s really that simple.

Let’s imagine for a moment that you could really have the life of your dreams.  I can truthfully say, from the many gifts I have been shown and received that it is absolutely possible.

There is a childlike wonder and enthusiasm within all of us that achingly wants to feel fulfilled.  Let’s make this year the time when we finally choose to surrender to our essence of pure joy and allow transformation to occur, so we may really live from our hearts and go for our dreams with gusto!

Wishing you all blissful manifestations, fruitful abundance, joyous adventures and so much love in this coming year and always!  And here’s to you Embracing Your Destiny in 2011!

Until next time ~

In Love & Light,

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