You Are Enough

infiniteI’m a big personality. I make big facial expressions. I have big hand gestures. There is really nothing small about me, except my chest size.

If I’m speaking out loud or about something personal, chances are, I’ll crack a joke and try to make it entertaining, or worthy of an audience.

Even if that audience is just one person.

That’s just always been who I am.

In acting class recently, after doing my monologue for the first time, my teacher had me sit on my hands and just speak the words from a place of truth, nothing else. No big expressions, no wild hand gestures. No need to entertain or perform.

I was just to be.

It was torture.

“Why?” I asked. “This just feels wrong.”

She said, “Trust me.”

I did my monologue again. And this time, when I was done, she asked me how it felt. I told her I felt like a brick wall, void of any emotion and boring as hell.

She and the class disagreed – saying it was way more powerful this way.

Stunned, I asked: “But how?”

“You are enough,” she said.

What followed was paradigm shattering, ugly crying in front of near strangers.

“I’m sorry, what?”

“You. Are. Enough.”

What’s crazy is… I know this. Cognitively I get it.

But standing in front of this group – and being called out on my way of being for as long as I can remember – my mind and heart blew wide open and I saw the little five year old me begging for love and acceptance. I saw myself in a whole new light with such compassion.

Because yes I am. And yes you are.

We are all enough.

But we rarely have an accurate concept of just how ‘enough’ we are.  We don’t need to do, be, give or say anything in order to earn the love and respect of others.

Just you — right there, reading this, doing nothing — are enough.

This is something difficult for many of us to fathom, let alone believe, because we’re taught that we must do or be something in order to be worthy, loved and loveable.

But sometimes the subtle and simple is more powerful than the big and boisterous.

And this goes so much deeper than any of us really realize.

Have you ever just sat in your energy and felt how powerful you are? Have you felt your heart beat, and listened to the hum of life that courses through your veins?

That is life force. That is source energy. That is your divinity.

And it’s enough to give you life.

As someone with a lot of energy, who feels a lot and picks up on a lot, I tend to want to release energy out of me as quickly as possible, so I don’t have to carry it around, burdened by all this “energy.”

I’m seeing now that there is a connection between not seeing oneself as enough without doing something to earn it, and also not being able to sit still in our own energy.

Both are ways to deflect out of our own personal power.

What a disservice we are being to the world by trying to be anything other than just who we are.

Rather than running from it, deflecting it or trying to get rid of it, imagine the strength it requires to just stand in all that energy and hold that space: To embody all of who we are.

Without excuses. Without apology. Without extras, bonuses, offerings, or a reward program.

To sit in that space that is your heart, and just be you. And know that you are truly enough. In fact, you are more than enough. There is a whole universe within you.

You are miraculous.

You are infinite.

And how can there be anything less than or broken about that?

Are you able to sit in your own power? Can you hold the space and just be? Your heart and soul so wide open in all its glory that you allow yourself to be seen fully?

Don’t deflect from you. Don’t give that power away. Bring that energy back into your body. Sit with it. And rejoice in it.

In the stillness, you know the truth of who you are. That spark that powers your heart is full of your unique magic.

That is your divinity. It’s who you are. It’s who we all are.

And that light never goes out.

“You are enough,” she said.

I see it now…. And I couldn’t agree more.

The light in me honors the light in you.


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