A tribute to Dr. Wayne Dyer

KH and Wayne DyerIt’s amazing how many of us have a story about Dr. Wayne Dyer. A favorite quote. A favorite teaching. A moment where we met him.

Because that’s the thing about Wayne, he was that accessible.

Voted the 3rd most spiritual person on the planet (behind the Dalai Lama and Eckhart Tolle), he was known by everyone. He was the ice breaker to spirituality. The way shower for those just dabbling and others wanting to go deeper into remembering who we are.

Wayne was the one I would recommend to friends who were jaded or skeptic to this ‘new age’ world, because of his ability to take ageless wisdom and break it down simply, for everyone to understand and in an easy to absorb, non-airy fairy way.

wayne dyer quote 1Not only was he wise, but he was kind. He was love personified. And he was patient and humble. And grateful.

When I met him in 2011 at the first Hay House ‘I Can Do It’ Conference in Vancouver, he opened the weekend Friday night with an inspiring, standing O (worth the price of the weekend ticket) talk. And then on Saturday, he returned during the day, just to meet people. To chat, get to know us, sign books, take photos and to hug.

Not everyone will do that. Especially someone of his caliber and age. But that was important to him. Just as much as the teachings, so was walking the talk.

When I approached him to tell him how his recent blog post on Hay House’s Website called “Are you a Writer?” (and the inspiring process of opening up to what needs to come through you), inspired me so much – because he voiced exactly how I felt as a writer. When I’m writing, I feel I am on purpose. Serving my purpose. He didn’t get pompous and act like he knew more than me – he embraced me as his peer, relating with “I know isn’t it the greatest feeling?! I feel that way when I write and when I teach, and speak… “ He was most definitely on purpose.

That purpose was coursing so fully in his veins and he shared it with enthusiasm and immediacy, always feeling like his next book would be his last. And yet the wisdom kept on coming. He kept trusting the muse, and opening up to let what needed to come through, pour through onto the page. And his teachings got simpler and yet more powerful as he got older. What beautiful serendipity that his final book is titled – Memories of Heaven.

The world is full of his teachings – in books, radio, courses, PBS specials, film, in our individual stories and memories, and all over youtube. His legacy will live on forever as a man who truly helped to SHIFT and change the consciousness on this planet to a kinder, gentler, more loving and present way.

wayne dyer quote 2I feel blessed to have spent time in his energy and aura, to have been a student and in his eyes a peer. Because we are all one.

He is and always will be someone I give thanks to for showing the WAY.

A favorite joke of Wayne’s I heard him say a few times –

“I’m 74 years old, and I have sex almost every day. Almost on Monday, almost on Tuesday, almost on Wednesday…..” LOL.

What a light he was.

And will he ever be missed.

Wayne 2014 I can do it
Wayne Dyer lighting up the room at I Can Do It Vancouver 2014. You can see his trademark cap. 🙂

Thank you Wayne for blessing us with your absolute soul presence.

You are divine personified.

And now, it is official, you are most definitely INFINITE.

With love and gratitude,

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