Answering the Call: This is my Trust Walk

SERENDIPITY: means a “happy accident” or “pleasant surprise”; specifically, the accident of finding something good or useful without looking for it.

SYNCHRONICITY: is the experience of two or more events that are apparently causally unrelated or unlikely to occur together by chance and that are observed to occur together in a meaningful manner.

When you travel alone for a large amount of time, you think you are alone… except of course, for the etheric rope that connects you to the real world and your loved ones back home, now even more accessible with social media and skype.  If you are anything like me, for the first few days, or weeks, you somehow look back rather than ahead, still tethered to their hearts, in a way so not to forget them, and more importantly, for them not to forget you.  It is your safety as you clamber into the unknown.  For when connected, you can tug on that rope, and know that someone will be there to pull you up.

So far throughout my European journey, I had been gliding between the two worlds, living part in the past, that is nine hours behind, and the other half in the present moment; hanging in the in between.  And in order to truly experience what I needed to experience, I couldn’t hold on.  I needed to cut the chords, and let go of my safety net once and for all.

There is a reason I chose to embark on this journey Mio Solo, sans a travel companion, other than a small stuffed elephant named Hope.  (You never leave home without Hope, but more on him later.)  For when you are by yourself, you are more open to the gifts of each moment. Rather than distracted by dialogue, you are an observer, taking in the surroundings. With each breath, a new mental picture and memory is absorbed.  A new thought occurs, that is allowed because there is space in your mind, from the expansion of quiet. Soaking in the experience with wide, undistracted eyes.  You become clear.  Present.  Undisturbed.  A carrier pigeon for transformation, passing on the tradition to the family and friends back home, thereby also changing them for taking the courageous first step that they were somehow unable to make.

Travelling alone, you are forced to step out of your comfort zone and meet people that you would have snubbed or passed by back home only because you are too busy to stop and take a minute for something other than your list of life.  Here you are free and clear to truly see.  Therefore, you receive the blessings with each moment.  And you meet like-minded people more willing to welcome you into their home and hearts. Perhaps because there is less of you to take up space, than if you came with an entourage, but also because they feel for you, being alone.  There is a code of courage that happens. As if a nod to the bravery it takes to take a step off your doorstep and live the life that everyone dreams about, but few dare explore.

And for some, they appreciate in you a part of themselves, an understanding from ex-comrades in travel-arms.  They see the dreamer in you, recognizing it as a past or present them, a reminder of that far off place of freedom in their own collective memories; when they were once you.  They are paying it forward so to speak.

And they change you.  Opening your eyes and heart to a world you would never have seen or known otherwise, but had to happen because there are no coincidences, even when it feels like nothing more than chance.

Being alone, you are sans weight.  And if you are smarter than me, you pack according to the theme of your journey: Freedom. You are choosing to live somewhere on the edge of life.  Beyond the mundane of 9-5, the world from the eyes of a traveler is that of a gypsy, but usually with some financial security.  You are not forced to be homeless; you choose it. You become an honorary citizen of nowhere and everywhere.  You are a part of the world and nature, the earth and the sky, you are the lines and the in between.  You remember regular life, yet you are now beyond it.  You are more connected to all that you are, the all that is.

You are going for a life called extraordinary, rather than ordinary.  This opportunity doesn’t come often, so when you ask to dance with the air you breathe, to step on the soil that birthed you, and become more present to that which is your keeper, you take the plunge.

And that is what my journey is all about.  With every foot that marks this Earth, from this moment forward, far from the comforts of that which I know, I am forced to Trust.  Trust myself and my intuition fully, knowing that my heart will guide me and not leave me astray.

That I will know the way.

That I will find myself amidst all the foreignness.  That I will see myself reflected in a stranger’s eyes, and find commonality with the light that glows within them.  That I will understand their heart even if I can’t make out the words.  That I will become consciously connected to everything and anything beyond form.  That I will appreciate who I am and all that I am.  That I will love myself and all that is.  That I will see with eyes of love with every breath, each blink opening me to a new day and a better understanding.

And out of that, a new awakening to the divine will appear more clear and brighter than before, painting the vibrant energies of Love, Hope, Trust, Faith, Acceptance, Compassion, Beauty and Joy across my landscape more brilliantly, knowing that these qualities are within us already even if I can’t always see them.

At this point, I will consciously see the Spirit in everything in each moment.  I will soar far above that which has bound me in this place I now know….of limitation.  And I will see, know, feel and understand in all parts of my being, that I am, in fact, limitless.  And I am never alone.

This is what I have to look forward to.  It is here now, and soon I will see it.  Instead of do, I will be.  Living in a world somewhere between Synchronicity and Serendipity.

This is my Trust Walk.

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