Where We Are Now: Tales of Truth from a Former Sheeple Pleaser

dream your own masterpiece quoteAnyone else already feeling different than you did last year? Like you’re being pushed to purge and let go beyond your comfort zone?

We’ve launched into 2015 at breakneck speed, still being carried on the backs of the Year of the Horse galloping us towards the Year of the Sheep, which is about to begin on February 4th, 2015.

Most of you will be reading Chinese and Numerology forecasts all over the internet by experts who will go into it with much greater detail. I’m here to take those tidbits of wisdom and put together the pieces of the puzzle into one giant picture of coherency and hopefully inspiration.

In Numerology, we’ve begun an 8 year (2 + 0 + 1 + 5 = 8) which signifies Power, Prosperity and Passion. It’s a year of Abundance on all levels, and a time to reap the rewards of all our efforts. This isn’t just singularly, it’s collectively.

Of course, what is going on inside us individually is usually a reflection of what is happening outwardly as well. We may look different but our inner worries, fears, joys and sorrows are all a lot more similar than we might think. If we are fighting one another, we are unconsciously fighting ourselves. Outward battles are called war. Inner battles are called cancer.  And on the flip side, collectively we are yearning for some positive shifts.  And this is the year it can happen.

Last year, 2014, we were in a 7 year, which is about inner soul reflection and getting clear on who we are and what we want…. While still being pushed by those galloping wild horses. It was intense. Sometimes we wanted off the racetrack to slow down and go inward. To better know ourselves.

This year, after all that soul searching, we are being called to take action. It’s time to rise like the Phoenix and make all those dreams we dreamed last year our focus, to create our lives anew. Paint the world with the beauty of our soul. Share our story and who we are authentically. Create our own supportive communities.

Authenticity is key now. As you’ll see draped throughout the media, we can no longer hide our shadow shelves – putting only the shiny parts out there for the world to see. The world won’t tolerate it and the energy won’t support it. We are in a time of transparency.

How many beloved men in media are now being revealed as sexual predators? I can count a handful in just the past few months alone. No more hiding. The truth always finds it’s way to the light.

It’s time to get clear on those parts we feel shameful of and accept and forgive ourselves. To purge and let go. Because we’re all always just doing the very damn best we can and we’re learning each step of the way.

With the rise of the internet and social media – the world has become more intimate. We are creating a true sense of community. We are able to connect and look out for our brothers and sisters all over this glorious planet, even if we aren’t face to face. We are deeply affected when we see our fellow man hurt. It affects us all because everything and everyone is energy. We are all connected.

And with energy, sometimes what we are feeling is that of the collective. Intense moments of anger, fear and sadness might not even be our own stuff at all. Our feelings are heightened as we pick up on the feelings of the people we pass by. It’s up for everyone, and us sensitive beings are feeling it all.

It’s important to know what’s yours and what isn’t. Ask yourself, “Is this mine or someone else’s?” And if it’s not yours, ask your guidance to “Cut all chords and ties to anyone and anything, everyone and everything no longer serving me. And any energy I am running that is not my own, I release it from all dimensions, planes and times and send it to the light for transmutation.” Then exhale deeply, just letting it go.

Self-care is key in times of turmoil. To hold your center in the eye of the storm. When I look out my window, it’s easy to see nothing but chaos. So many choices everywhere. So many people rushing every which way. So many obligations, worries, responsibilities…..all the pressures of life, heightened by this dang racing horse energy. No time to just be. It’s a great distraction too. A great distraction from ourselves.

Taking care of ourselves when we feel this urgency pushing us forward is vital. To hold steady and breathe. Because if we aren’t clear in ourselves and being looked after, we are no good to anyone else either.

Even if we can’t always see it, there is so much more good in this world than bad. Unfortunately, our media has it’s own agenda – because it’s better business to push fear than love. Tap into the energy of fear. It doesn’t feel too good does it? Breathe and let it go. Fear only creates more fear; It spreads like wildfire. And when we are afraid of our neighbor, we are much more likely to stay indoors, close our shutters and denounce community… and we are much easier to be controlled.

This is when the Year of the Sheep comes back into play. You’ve heard the term Sheeple (Sheep people)? It’s a herd mentality, where we easily follow the pack, believing what our leaders are telling us, without question. It’s also where we feel pressured to do what everyone else is doing because that’s what’s expected. And being different is scary.

We all have a choice this year how we want to utilize this sheep energy. I encourage you to take a step back and look at the world and media more objectively. Try to see the bigger picture. What is the truth behind what is being shown? Who is really benefiting from this information? Create your own mind. There is so much wisdom percolating within you, just waiting for permission to be shared. Be the courageous and daring ram, rather than the timid sheep.

Our buttons are being pushed right now. We want to take action. We’re feeling the heaviness around us, as the density is leaving our cells. In a grander way of looking at things, we are shifting slowly from our 3Dimensional reality to a 5th Dimension. 3D is very much about the material world, where we are still being driven by our ego desires. 4D we get into our hearts and start seeing each other from a place of ‘Me and You’ rather than ‘Me Against You.’

5D is a higher level of consciousness and awareness. It’s an intuitive, heart-centered way of life. Our planet and it’s residents are shifting this way slowly…. But it takes mindfulness. In those higher vibrations, there is no room for density.

We are letting go now, purging all these old parts of ourselves, belief systems and patterns that are no longer serving us to make room for more light. You might feel easily triggered. Pushed. Angry. Rage filled at times at the injustices. I do too. It’s okay to get angry like the ram. Know that those energies are moving through you and out, in a time of release. That’s not who you are.

But attacking another verbally because they attacked someone else physically is only creating more of the same. Any ill word or judgment that we put out, pointing a finger at another just means we have three fingers pointing back at ourselves. As Einstein so brilliantly put it – “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” We have to go higher.

Somewhere deep down within all of us we know, we are all connected. We are all one. And how can we truly hate on each other for being different, because then we are actually just hating on ourselves?

This is how we can use the energy of the upcoming Year of the Sheep and the Year of Action to our benefits. We can rally together in love filled ways. We can act more like communities. It’s already happening. We’ve seen it in Paris (Je suis Charlie)…we see it every single day. Thankfully the internet shows us all sides. Transparency. And there are so many people doing great work all over the world.

I’ve been hesitant to talk about some of this heavy stuff, because my intention is always to lift us higher, and I’m not looking to debate beliefs. However, it’s important to also see ourselves and the bigger picture of life more clearly. Confusion creates chaos, which creates fear. When we are clear, we are more peaceful, centered, loving and calm. So let’s intend to be more clear.

With all these shifts and purging going on, I’m letting go of a huge aspect of myself: My people pleasing nature. That inherent need to be liked and accepted. No doubt some of you can relate.

I was bullied as a kid; picked on, ridiculed, ostracized for being different. I’ve been the black sheep in a field of white. And a lot of that created or emphasized beliefs I had of needing to be liked and accepted. Because being alone as a child is terrifying and following the pack feels like the only alternative for survival. I’ve had to make peace with that frightened inner child to promise her, I won’t abandon her again. I have her back.

Standing up for myself and speaking my truth is still scary. But right now, as we head into the Year of the Sheep, we all have choices.  And the push to be authentic and real, is so much more gratifying to me now. I choose to be a person of wholeness and transparency. At the end of the day, liking myself is truly all that matters anyways.

The journey to a peaceful planet and loving one another starts within. If I love me, my body is healthy and happy, and that’s the world I see reflected back. I see what I feel, a world of hope, love, and possibility.

Beautiful dear friends, have the courage to be you, to think for yourself, to stand up for what you believe in in loving ways, and go for your dreams.  I encourage you to be boldly brave and go where you haven’t gone before.

“Nobody else gets to live your life. You’re the artist. Paint your picture. Dream your own masterpiece into being.” – Anna Taylor

So as we close out the Year of the Horse and welcome the Year of the Sheep in a time where we are being called to take action, and create the beauty of our dreams…. I ask you this: Are you feeling the shifts? What are you wanting to create? Who are you wanting to be? What are you excited to express to the world?

And taking it even further, what kind of world do you want to live in?  Let’s keep the conversation going on my Facebook and Twitter pages.

It’s gonna be an incredible year…Can you feel it?

With love and infinite collective light,

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