About the Book

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” ― Rumi

Are you seeking:

Meaning in your life?

A deeper sense of self love and self worth?

Greater health, happiness and fulfillment?

Clarity about who you really are and why you’re here?

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What is the Book?

“To often our world teaches us its cool to be cruel rather than kind. The truth is, how we treat another is a direct reflection of how we really feel about ourselves.  In order to love another unconditionally, we must first be able to love ourselves from a place of acceptance and compassion for all that we are.”

Whatever You Are Searching For…You Already Are is an encouraging guidebook for anyone seeking a greater understanding of who they are, why they are here, and a deeper connection to themselves and the rest of the world.

It is a resource to help one discover their innate truth, gain clarity and compassion for their journey, love themselves more fully and recognize and embrace their own infinite magnificence.

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Where can I find it?

Follow along on a FREE life-changing journey as I blog my book. Each blog post is filled with inspiring content and healing tips… so you don’t want to miss out!

To read my book thus far, check out the Table of Contents.

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What others are saying:

“Thank you so much for sharing this words that I needed to read today. I definitely resonate with them. They have encourage me to face the fear of truly being authentic in my relations. It can be scary but oh so necessary. Thank you for sharing your light through your writing. I am so happy to read as well that your planning on a book 🙂 Thanks for being Kirsten. A huge hug from my heart.” – J.M.

“[Your Posts] hit me like a ton of bricks, but in a good way!   I came to tears.  It was like you reached into my soul.  I can’t explain it. It felt like you were speaking directly to me.  It is so wonderful and refreshing to know that there are people in the world that can relate to everything I’ve felt my entire life.  Opening up to people and loving myself are the toughest challenges in my life.  People have never truly understood how I felt, but your words released some of that pressure. Your words are my reflection.  I was staring at myself.  Reading your posts really touched me, Kirsten.  Please don’t stop.  Don’t let anyone stop you.  I can’t thank you enough.  Please keep up the great work.  So many people need to read your words.  They are life changing.”  –  David R.

“Wow Kirsten, this [post] is beautiful and it really touched me. You’re an amazing writer. You DO need to have courage to live authentically. I applaud your fearlessness. I’m going to read this again, and I’m sure it will continue to inspire!”  – M.W.

“I’m feeling very inspired by your words Kirsten. You have a way of reaching out and touching my soul and heart. Thank you for a beautiful tribute to the human race, calling on all of us to unite as brothers and sisters.  Your words are inspirational and challenging! It is time for all of us to connect.  I love that you’re shining your light through your words so that others can see how special you are!  (No wonder I’m attracted to those vampire stories! I can’t get enough of HBO’s True Blood!)” 

“This is an awe-inspiring post! I loved it from start to finish. It resonates with me, probably even more so because I’ve lived it.  I love Shakti Gawain. She was one of the first authors I read on my journey through this passage of awakening.  I look forward to your next post.  Are you planning on a book?” – Marsha, www.GuidedByIntuition.com

Kirsten Sonya Hansen Final Logo white background-quill-wing

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