The Introduction: Whatever You Are Searching For…You Already Are

I had intended to start blogging this book months ago. That seemed simple enough, as I’ve had it planned out for years.

Originally this book was called, How to Love Yourself (When everything in the world tells you not to). I had these great chapters, “WWMD, or What Would Miley Do?” except this was based on Miley as innocent Hannah Montana and not licking a wrecking ball, so well, I had to adjust accordingly with the ever changing times.

Then it was another title, then another. The title has changed as many times as I change my underwear. Daily. (Just for clarification).

I even had the chapters fully mapped out and structured perfectly as the Type A part of my personality finds so comforting. Who doesn’t love to pretend they are in total control?! But then I couldn’t actually write the book and feel any sense of flow or fluidity. Imagine my surprise to realize it was too structured, even for me!

And then it hit me. I was trying to write a 5D book from a 3D mindset. AKA I was trying to write about the heart and soul, from my intellect. This might sound like Pig Latin for some but just stay with me.

A lot has changed in the past few years. We are in the midst of some of the most transformational times of our lives. The world is not the same place it was 5 years ago. Technology and social media have exploded, the Disney kids have grown up, and we’ve become far too comfortable having relationships with our gadgets rather than with real people.

There are no coincidences that people are waking up to the various injustices of our fellow human beings (race, gender, sexual orientation etc), animals, wildlife and our sacred earth. The old energetic density is being shaken up. We are seeing our worth, our equality and fighting for our rights. The truth has no choice but to be set free.

And that’s just the external. We’re also changing internally. As above, so below. We’re adjusting, shifting, and expanding to match the transformation all around us. We are changing, and so are the conversations.

Slowly, uniqueness and diversity are being recognized finally as beautiful in all its colors of the rainbow. We’ve come a long way from the white bread ideals of beauty. But somehow, just as society is still very focused on the material world, our individual focus is still on the outer rather than cultivating the inner. There is emphasis on expanding our minds and being intelligent, “being regarded as smart rather than pretty,” activism towards empowerment and feminism, but what about getting to know, cultivate and love our own heart and soul?

Deep down every human being wants to know that they are loveable, and more importantly, that they are loved. This is the deepest root motivating our every move. It lies beneath the essence of all bite-sized pieces: “What’s in it for me?”

We’re looking for a place where we belong, whether it’s friends, family, our soul tribe, our school, our work, we are seeking those who will accept us for who we are, even when we wear our mouth guards at night. Okay so I look like a hockey player… What’s the big deal? It’s practical and protective.

We live in a complicated world full of juxtapositions and judgments. Good and Bad. Right and Wrong. Light and Dark. Everyone has an opinion about where we “should” fit in based on: how/where we’ve been raised, what we’ve been taught/told, and how we see the world. It’s incredibly difficult growing up with society, media and now social media showing us who to be and how to look in order to be accepted.

However, let me just clarify – this is not self-acceptance. This is how everyone else perceives us. As if they matter more than our own heart. The power is still outside of ourselves to decide who we are and whether or not we are loveable. Which is so a$$ backwards.

Life can feel so uncertain and painful at times as we clamber our way into the unknown. There isn’t really a handbook for life. Sometimes it’s nice to know we are on the right track as others seem to race easily towards the various perceived finish lines…We need to know we haven’t been left behind.

Ideally, we’d be our own leaders into the abyss. Guiding our own heart. Trusting the way. But sometimes we all need a little support to ensure our inner compass is working properly.

I’ve spent many days in front of the mirror beating myself up for who I thought I was/wasn’t supposed to be. I’ve spent what feels like a lifetime asking questions like “Why?” When that stopped being fun, and the results didn’t change, I knew it was up to me to find a different answer.

For all that time spent looking outward, I discovered what I was seeking was within me all along. And so this book was born.

Whatever You Are Searching For, You Already Are.

This book blog is meant to be a trusty guide. A handbook to help you find your place in the world. A safe place to fall when life gets too overwhelming and you need support.

It’s your prayer book, your jar of sacred secrets, a place of inspiration and guidance to help you really believe in your heart that You Matter. You Are Loved. Just for being you. You don’t need to do anything or prove yourself, sell yourself or over-give of yourself to anybody. Just you exactly as you are, are loved beyond measure by that infinite part that is you.

Some people say it’s impossible to truly love another from an unconditional place until you truly love yourself first. But that just sounds so damn complicated. What if we just knew we were love and everything that came out of us was love… What if it was that simple?

I don’t hide behind a cool cloak. What you get from me is straight up #soultruths that will hit you in the soft spots. I have every intention of sharing only the most expansive and healing content. I only post when every ounce of being has to.

Here’s to you and the journey ahead to better know the radiance of who you truly are. Let’s dive in.

Loving you infinitely,

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